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We welcome all the Ladakhi people who are visiting this site, you are free to read, listen, copy and give to others all what you find in God's Scriptures which is translated into Ladakhi.

God has spoken through His Scriptures about His coming Saviour, Jesus Christ who was born about 2020 years ago. God sent His Scriptures to be read by all the people groups who are in this World. The Scriptures are composed of two parts, the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament books tell us how sin and death entered this world and that God had planned to send a Saviour into this world to save the people of the world.

Ladakhi Bible Reads to you

 The New Testament tell us that Jesus Christ is God's chosen Saviour  to save people from death and hell, and allow them to enter heaven. We invite you to read and listen to the Scriptures and think about what God says about Jesus. God's Scripture which is found here, is here, to be read,listen to, and copied and given out.

If you have any questions about what you have read or understand from the Scriptures please send your question to us at our email address.


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